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Joe Kennedy describes Citizens Health plan | Citizens Health Card will help pay for your medications

Joe Kennedy describes Citizens Health plan

Citizens Energy Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II presented the benefits of the non-profit Citizens Health prescription drug initiative at a forum in Fall River on March 26th.

Citizens Health, a prescription drug discount card for the uninsured in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, was launched by the non-profit Citizens Energy Corporation to provide senior citizens and working families with access to affordable medications.

During the forum at Fall River Government Center, Kennedy said the initiative helps to relieve the burden of rising prescription drug costs, which fall the hardest on the most vulnerable in society - older Americans living on fixed incomes and family bread-winners working at jobs without benefits or enough income to afford health insurance.

"Prescription drugs can perform healing wonders and improve the quality of life for those suffering a variety of conditions," said Kennedy, founder of the non-profit Citizens Energy Corporation. "Working with our partners, Citizens Health aims to help those who need these medications but have trouble paying for them - households struggling each and every day to put food on the table, pay for rising energy costs, and provide their families with health care."

The many benefits of Citizens Health membership include: Significant discounts on all prescription drugs; extra savings on selected drugs from manufacturers; immediate savings on eye-care needs, including eye examinations, lenses, frames, contact lenses, and bi-focals. Beginning in May, members who meet certain eligibility requirements will qualify for even greater discounts on selected drugs.

Individuals and families interested in joining Citizens Health can call 1-800-JOE-K-4RX or 1-800-563-5479 to enroll or get more information. Members can also join by mailing in an enrollment form available at their local community health care center. More information is also available at Individual memberships cost $12 and family memberships $28. By presenting the Citizens Health card to participating pharmacies, members will receive significant savings on their prescription costs.

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Joe Kennedy describes Citizens Health plan | Citizens Health Card will help pay for your medications

Citizens Health Card will help pay for your medications



Get the Citizens Health Card!
~No eligibility restrictions on age or income.
~Discounts on all prescription drugs.
~Low annual fee of $12 per individual and $28 for families.
~A pharmacist is available 24 hours a day to answer questions.

Citizens Health is an immediate, private-market interim remedy to the prescription drug crisis to provide seniors and uninsured families the discounts that corporate America negotiates on prescription drugs, bolstered by greater discounts on certain brand drugs.

Citizens Health is targeted to individuals who aren't eligible for public programs, but pay full retail prices for their prescriptions and seek help affording these medications.

If you pay full retail price for prescription drugs, the Citizens Health prescription card can save you money. There are no eligibility restrictions; the Citizens Health card is available to anyone who pays full price for any prescription. This includes people without health insurance or whose insurance does not cover all of their prescription needs. The cost to join is $12 per year for individuals and $28 per year for families. The card is accepted at many neighborhood pharmacies. To join or learn more, call 1-800-JOE-K-4rx (1-800-563-5479 or visit

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